Ευχαριστώ Ελλάδα

The development of today’s technology would have been uncertain without the costless recovery by western civilization (after maturing for 1000 years) of the “forgotten” ancient greek technology.

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Athens Greece

Thank you Greece, without you we wouldn’t have cars.




APPLE Car???

You know, I am an Apple maniac.

I could write a book about my experience as Apple user that started in 2005 but let’s talk about the automotive now.

I am always in love with Apple but what could be the next big thing?

Will ever be there a next big thing as Steve conceived and meant it in the past?

I don’t know. I am just a customer loyal to the brand.

Except the iCar, maybe, or project Titan, Apple’s car.

This is what I as Apple customer and automotive enthusiast am longing.

The time has come in history for IT and automotive to be almost as one without compromises.

Apple wouldn’t find it hard to develop a at least two seated electric car perfect for the city with integrated internet connection that syncs with your iPhone.

Plus, Apple has all the capability to be at the top in terms of autonomous driving and artificial intelligence.

This is just my opinion and my guessing as Apple fanatic, of course.

Remember when Marchionne said: “We want the Fiat 500 be the iPod of cars”.

Well, automotive CEOs, when the iCar will eventually be here, you’d better watch out.


Avevo partecipato a un bando di BergamoSviluppo proponendo un car sharing bergamasco.

Nel mio business plan avevo previsto di includere Dalmine vista la presenza di Ingegneria e avevo individuato E-Vai come competitor.

La mia proposta non ha raggiunto un punteggio abbastanza alto per essere portata avanti, e alla fine E-Vai è arrivato a Dalmine, confermando chea mia idea era comunque valida e azzeccata.



Non mi vergogno di aver fatto un lavoro umile come consegnare ricambi di auto. Anzi. Ci ho messo la stessa passione che mi ha spinto a fare altre esperienze nell’automotive.

Il mondo patinato, luccicante delle concessionarie e dei saloni l’ho vissuto ma non mi tiro indietro se si tratta di fare anche il lavoro sporco e duro.

Sotto la neve, sotto la pioggia, sotto il sole.

Specialmente nelle valli bergamasche sotto la neve senza l’ESP. Nei tornanti.

Parafrasando il film il Gladiatore, il cuore pulsante dell’automotive sono piu’ le officine, non gli uffici di una multinazionale. Sono i meccanici con le loro mani rovinate e sporche di olio. Sono le officine con il profumo di pneumatico e i rombi di motori.

Ho sentito recitare i requiem del motore diesel e le reali necessita’ e problematiche degli automobilisti. God willing, fra qualche anno o decennio, con la diffusione delle auto elettriche di massa, molti di questi componenti e ricambi finiranno nell’oblio.

Cosa ci vuoi fare, il progresso non si ferma, ci adatteremo!

Da ogni cosa si impara. Anche questa volta ho imparato lavorativamente parlando, e per imparare cose che gli altri non sanno, bisogna fare cose che gli altri non fanno. Per differenziarsi, per essere unici nel mercato del lavoro.

E poi, un vero automobilaro lo vedi al volante, quando riesce a fare le consegne in tempo anche con un catorcio del genere.

Rispettando sempre i limiti di velocita’. Quasi sempre, ma ho solo sforato di 5 km/h. Me lo ha detto un’Autovelox. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Mi raccomando, al volante sempre prudenza e rispetto delle regole.



I am proud of my latest accomplishment.

Since I’m trying to become automotive influencer using social media tools, I took some friends for a ride on an electric car: the Nissan Leaf. I just wanted to catch their impressions since for some of them it was their first time on an electric car.

I am a supporter of electric mobility and I believe that the most effective communication can be achieved not from the screen of a device but making people touch and feel the product you want them to discover.

I just put my iPhone in front of them, pushed “record” and just let them express freely about their sensations and opinions.

With me at the steering wheel.

Yes, I gave lessons to the Stig some time ago 🙂

Afterwards, I made some video editing with my iMac and et voilà, I was curious to see what happened. No great efforts or costs to drive a car for my friends, fun and motoring passion was the predominant Leitmotiv of this experiment, so I had nothing to lose.

The results were amazing and I hope that my hero Jeremy Clarkson will call me 🙂 but especially one test drive caught the attention of traditional media: Corriere della Sera Bergamo, one of the main and most authoritative italian newspapers, wrote an article about the test drive with Monsignor Giulio Dellavite, which on Youtube now reached 1.200 visualizations.

This is the article in italian:


If we didn’t saw him speed from the upper and downtown Bergamo with his quick alfesque (Alfa Romeo) style, we couldn’t believe having seen him as a quiet <<car tester>>. Of an electric car, above all. Forget Jeremy Clarkson in a clergyman in a Top Gear episode. In this unusual role, sorry, tunic, monsignor Giulio Dellavite, secretary of the Bergamo’ Curia, occasionally presented himself at the passenger seat of a car for a video test drive in the traffic of Bergamo. At the steering wheel Giuseppe Gandolfi, for his own admission “automotive influencer” who pursued the monsignor to come aboard the Nissan Leaf. If Chiara Ferragni influences us with her outfits, Gandolfi’s mission is allowing us to experience this admirable work of japanese engineering, totally electric, and then post on his blog the videos of the utmost silent tours of the Leaf hitting Bergamo’s streets. After the real estate agent, the university teacher, here it comes Monsignor Giulio Dellavite, who starts the motoring tour with an abundance of superlatives: “Very silent, very comfortable, very roomy, a caress for the environment, it seems to be on a flying carpet in the traffic”, he says with a mellow tone of voice. “The equipment is excellent”. “And the acceleration”?

Gandolfi revs up full throttle and the monsignor recoils on his headrest. “It has a quick start” he observes, while the conversation turns from a motoring to an ecumenical point of view.

Gandolfi’s question: “Is it important for catholicism to protect the environment?” launches Dellavite in a cosmic dimension: “Caring for the environment is one of God’s tasks given to us and is an issue that the Pope in his last encyclical publication “Laudato sì” (Be preised) spoke about. “Cars are necessary means of transportation and should be threated for what they are”. “This is a car I like so much” is a phrase that lets you guess the new monsignor’s motoring choices. After all, in the history of the church, from Saint Paul afterwards, conversions have been endless. The one from petrol to electric is under the footprint of modernity.

Here’s the video:

Influencer marketing is the new buzzword and content is the king and blabla bla. Why shouldn’t I do explore and take advantage of these new communication trends?

I think I have some experience and some authority in the automotive business to be believed and trusted in this new adventure. I promise I will be professional as usual.

Exciting times ahead!

I would like to thank the people of Nissan Italy media newsroom for granting me the Leaf.