This is the Maserati Showroom at the company’s headquarter in Modena, Emilia Romagna, Italy.

I’ve been there for work.

It was an honour and the fulfilment of a personal and professional dream.

Please note that green white red is the italian flag.

The tricolour, il tricolore.

I took this picture

This is the Maserati importer in Athens.

External view.

Too lazy to put a logo or a sign.

It could be a Xerox reseller.

I could, making an extreme effort of tolerance, understand the presence in the store of this car and would shake my hand to somebody who would reasonably buy it.

After years, it still rocks.

Old but gold.

But can somebody explain the purpose of this car in the store?

Is it a mascot?

The dealer of that preistoric age wasn’t able to sell it?

The previous owner was not satisfied?

Please bring it to the Hellenic Motor Museum where it deserves to be and make room for the new range.

Very sad and depressing isn’it?

I can see with my eyes the greek car market situation especially for not luxury brands but…

How can you represent a glorious italian car brand in such a slobby and unworthy way?

Please god Poseidon, express your anger, there’s your trident on each of this italian carriage who has two more wheels and MORE horsepower than yours!


This is the only Maserati I am able to buy now 😉

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