I have been to Autokinisi Expo.

I went there just because I like cars.

And because I am an automotive professional.

I realized it was well organised and enjoyable.

For this well done greek friends.

But there’s no rose without a thorn.

Then I asked myself: where can I recharge an electric car here in Greece?

So the demon of mistery shopping took control of me and I asked kindly a lady who was promoting an electric car.

The fact that she spoke english was half the victory.

The car was outrageously expansive.

She answered with a snob and embarassed tone: “I don’t know. We are waiting for money from the governement.”

So something weird is going on: if the average greek salary is whatever it is and there is a prehistoric grid….how do you expect from people to buy an electric car?

And the economy, the economic crisis, the debt and all the other lousy stuff?

Some info about the greek market here:

Hellenic Association of Motor Vehicle Importers-Representatives

By the way do you want to know which was my favourite stand?

Mercedes-Benz, natürlich.

The best or nothing.

This is also my philosophy.












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