If I had to recall the moments in my life that I’d like to freeze to make them last forever this is one of them.

Rome, 2008.

Teatro Ambra Jovinelli. Esquilino.

I was working and living in Rome for an event related to sustainable mobility.

Green cars. Ecofriendly cars.

If I am an environmentalist it’s because of moments like this.

I saw Al Gore who was launching in Italy Current TV, his television about environmentalist topics.

Al Gore is a real humble person despite his roles. He hyptotized us with his charisma and human touch. He truly believed in what he was saying and he enlighted us.

I shooke my hand with him afterwards.

I mean…

You’re Al Gore, you come to Rome and you shake hands with people you don’t know.

Second 1.

That was me.

Freeze. Pause. ||.

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